Participants’ Testimonials

The following testimonials are from parents in various DARE to be You research programs.

Preschool Families Testimonials

NEW! Care to Wait Testimonials



Preschool Families Testimonials

“Since taking DARE to be You, I talk about and express my feelings.  I am now a better person all-around.  I use methods of dealing with my children that DARE to be You has taught me, such as options and choices.  This allows my children to feel they have control of their lives.”

“I learned, because of DARE to be You, to measure success, not in large achievements that are few and far between, but in the small milestones of everyday life.  Make each day a success and your life will naturally fall into place.” 

“Discipline was of great interest to me before taking the DARE to be You classes.  Weeks after the classes, I realize that those type of discipline situations do not happen nearly so often now that I spend more time in problem prevention.”

“For the past 25 years, I have experienced and endured so many obstacles, but it hasn't been until 3 years ago that I have acquired skills in dealing with all the obstacles, in a healthy perspective.  I have DARE to be You to thank for this, for giving me the 'personal power' to be all that I can be.”

“Probably the most important thing I've gained from DARE to be You is patience.  I can count to ten.  I can talk things out now, and most importantly, walk away.”

“The DARE to be You program has changed my child rearing practices for the better.  I feel that my children get along much better.  I use positive language and self-esteem building techniques in an attempt to foster better communication.”

“A byproduct of DARE to be You has been better behavior in my kids.  Without a need to act out, the kids let me know what they want or need.  As a result I'm more relaxed and able to be a more stable parent.”

“Information that I got from the DARE to be You program teaches positive parenting practices.  DARE to be You has made a difference in my family, and I hope that more families can learn what I have learned.  I feel that this class fulfills a need in our society - -to teach how to raise children with a positive attitude and a proper self-esteem.”

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Care to Wait Testimonials (families with middle school youth)

“Our family enrolled in the Care to Wait program last year and found that it was a huge asset in communication and bonding.  My husband and I have two girls that were 11 and 13 at the time and cannot express our gratitude enough in being offered this class.  The 11 year old learned how to better express her feelings in the sibling class and the 13 year old learned that it is okay to talk as a family about tough or embarrassing topics.  This class brought out issues that, as parents, we were not sure we were ready to talk about with our children.  Through this class, we learned that they were ready, even if we were not, and had the support on how to deal with these conversations.  We strongly feel that the communication and trust that was built through the weeks of the Care to Wait class is something that we may not have reached on our own and it was an experience that we feel every parent and teen should have the opportunity to participate in.  Our instructors were the best and we still feel that we can contact them with questions or issues that arise.  If you have teenagers, this class is a MUST!!”

“I highly recommend this program.  I always thought I had a good relationship with my daughter and this program has improved it dramatically.  We have always had open communicational but this program really amazed both of us in how much more open we can be with each other.  It gave us permission to really be honest and to be comfortable with out honesty. And I have noticed a change in how my daughter relates to her peers.  She has always been a matter of fact person-that is just her personality.  But now her peers will actually come to her for encouragement to resist pressures and she is able to pass on information she gained from CTW.  This is not a program that promotes sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the issues.  This is a program that encourages a better relationship and open communication not only about the pressures of what teenagers face today, but it enlightens the parents in how to deal with the things in today’s world.  It is always important to note that this is not a religiously based program, this is a common sense program and it is for everybody no matter what their views are.”

“I just want to say thank you for giving us a chance to participate in the Care to Wait program.  I found it very beneficial to both myself and my daughter.  Before we started the classes we did not get along at all! Since the completion of classes we have learned better communication techniques.  She is also more open with me about what is going on in her life and feels comfortable asking me questions about sex and drugs.  Our relationship has improved 100% and I feel the classes had alot to do with that.  I hope they will continue the grant for this program as I have a ten year old daughter and I would like to enroll her as well when the time comes. We both enjoyed and learned alot! Thank you again for giving us this opportunity.”

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