DTBY Program for Families with Preschool Youth

DTBY was one of the original Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency National Model Programs and is designed to address moderating factors in children and families that are linked to reduced drug and alcohol use later.

Parents and their preschool children (2-5 years of age) participate together to increase key protective factors that promote resilience within the family and individual. Siblings and other key family members are encouraged to participate in the programming.

Families meet for 10 to 12 weekly sessions over three or four months for 2 hours of string activityworkshops plus a family meal. To complete the program, family members attend 20+ hours of classroom activities. Optional monthly After-DARE support groups and yearly booster workshops continue to support families.

Families attend the program together:

  • The parent component focuses on personal and parenting efficacy, stress management, child development, and home management skills in addition to the key DTBY principles.
  • The youth component builds cognitive skills, mastery motivation, social competencies, emotional knowledge and problem solving, decision making, self management and communication skills. A key topic is covered at each workshop with developmentally appropriate activities for all ages.
  • The family component includes weekly family meals, social time, and joint parent-child activities.

An incentive program enhances recruitment and encourages the families' to complete the program, including

  • family meals,
  • a supportive, non-judgmental environment that builds on family strengths, and
  • a financial incentive for completion of all workshops ($200 for each adult family member that completes the program).

Training by an approved DTBY trainer is required to implement this program. The Replication Manual provides additional implementation information.

See Research and Publications for evaluation results on the original study.

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