DARE to be You Peer Educators Program

Participants completing this15 to 20 hour training will have the tools necessary to implement a DARE to be You Peer Educators Program for teens in a school or community setting.  This is also good basic training for teens working as teen educators in DARE to be You programs.  Teens participating in the training and using the curriculum and training will:

  • be introduced to theoretical background;
  • experience activities to increase core elements of personal efficacy, self management (responsibility), communication, problem solving;
  • learn strategies to improve the core elements;
  • learn interpersonal helping skills for peers and younger youth; and
  • learn to lead activities and workshops to improve life skills through cross-age teaching.

After teens have completed this training, they may apply the information

  • personally,
  • in peer counseling/helping or as DTBY teen educators,
  • to establish mentoring relationships with younger at-risk youth,
  • in cross-age teaching of life skills,
  • in leadership for school and community projects, and
  • in community educational programs.

Training is not required, but recommended, to enhance the effective implementation of this curriculum.