DTBY K-12 School and After- School Program 

This is a highly flexible curriculum designed in response to teacher request. It has been tested in 16 school districts that were randomly selected into 8 control and 8 experimental schools.  The results demonstrated that teachers using the curriculum significantly increased their teaching efficacy, reduced their burnout and reported improvements in the positive behavioral indicators of their students.

The K-12 curriculum includes five volumes: Volume I outlines the science base for the curriculum; Volume II has activities for grades K-2; Volume III is designed for grades 3-5, Volume IV is for grades 6-8; and Volume V is a peer manual that provides older teens with skills to become teen educators, mentors, counselors, or work with younger children in other capacities.   

Each volume has age appropriate activities in the areas of self esteem, self responsibility, communication, decision-making, and substance abuse prevention.

Activities in the curriculum can cover approximately 24 hours for each age group and may be flexibly incorporated into many settings.

The peer manual contains approximately 20 hours of training activities for older teens and has an accompanying smaller manual for teen use when working with younger youth. 

Training is not required, but recommended, to implement this program.  See Research and Publications for evaluation results on the original study.