Implementation of DARE to be You (DTBY)

A replication training by an approved DTBY trainer is required when planning to implement the following DARE to be You programs in a community:  Preschool Families, Bridges Program for Families (with children ages 2 to 5) with Teachers, and Care to Wait (families with middle school youth).  Replication trainings are not required, but recommended, for K-12 School and After-School, Peer Educator, Strong Extended Families, and Community programs.

There are several options for training.

Option 1
The ideal training occurs when the replication site hosts a 20-hour DTBY training on site with a
* minimum of 5 of the replication staff and agency personnel,
* steering committee personnel and personnel from collaborating agencies.
* potential representatives from the parent population, and
* potential teen education assistants.

The ideal number of participants in this training ranges from 15 to 25 participants, but the local training can accommodate up to 35 participants at no extra charge.

The communities who have implemented the program with this start up procedure have had the best records of longevity as there is community understanding and support of the program before it even starts.  It also provides for a depth of potential trainers if the original trainers leave or are ill.  This is an important buffer for the program in times of transition.

A complete set of manuals is included with the training fee (see order form).  It is recommended that one set of manuals is purchased for each site and for each set of trainers.  Please note, copying of complete manuals for use by parent and youth trainer teams constitutes an infringement of the copyright.

Option 2
DARE to be You hosts a centralized training at the DTBY training Center in Cortez Colorado two times/year.  The cost is $500 for the first person from an agency team and $250 for each additional person.  The cost of materials is additional.  Colorado Extension personnel should contact the DTBY office for current prices for Extension staff.

Option 3
DTBY staff works with sites to see if there are several within a region that can share an onsite training.

The program is considered to have acceptable fidelity if it rates a minimum of 85% fidelity according to the fidelity instrument and has the key components of
* 20 hours of workshops with both parents and their focus youth, siblings are invited,
* a financial incentive is used and given at the completion of the 20 hours of workshop over a minimum of 10 weeks.  We recommend 11 weeks to build in one makeup session.
* an additional opportunity to make up a missed class is offered,
* a meal incentive is included.
* a non-judgmental, strength-based environment is present, and
* key training staff have completed the basic educational background of a bachelors degree.

Any program not using the above key fidelity factors cannot be considered as an approved replication site of the DARE to be You program. 

See Implementation Costs for an estimated cost of a series of 11 to 12 weeks of family classes.  The Replication Manual provides additional implementation information for the Preschool Families Program. Contact,, or  for additional details or to arrange a replication training for your agency.

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