DTBY Bridges Program for Families and Teachers (families with 5 to 7 year olds)

During the meaningful early years of learning, the DARE to be You Bridges project brings families and school systems together to build a strong social and educational foundation for children. Families and school personnel complete a series of workshops designed to support the connection between home and school. These are often staged in a neutral community setting.  The relationships and trust between families and school personnel that are fostered by the program have been shown to have a long-term impact on children’s success in school. 

There are 11 weeks of 2-hour sessions over a three to four month period.  Social interaction between school staff, families and DTBY staff is encouraged by providing dinner at each session.   All family members are encouraged to attend the workshops with age appropriate DARE to be You activities provided for the siblings.  A financial incentive of $200 for completion of 20 hours of training is provided for each school staff member and up to two parents or other caregivers per family.

The adult component of the workshops focuses on family and classroom management skills and improving environments for children's development, promoting self-efficacy and self-management skills and cultivates a stronger family and classroom relationships.  The children’s program (for ages 5 to 7) focuses on self-efficacy development, self-responsibility, cognitive-social development, emotional development (including fostering empathy), communication skills, and problem solving/decision making.

Training by an approved DTBY trainer is required to implement this program. See Research and Publications for evaluation results on the original study.

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